About Us

Open World Foundation™ is about change, about you and me and the world. And there is a sense of urgency, an urgency for change, and opportunity; opportunity to grow and to learn.

Intellectually we can understand this. Intellectually, however, we have created the problems we face today. Climate, financial, social, or personal crisis; we face challenges. How do we go about it? What is the system, structure, and strategy of this work, if any?

Increased awareness comes from creating a space and taking the time to reflect on these things. Reflection alone, however, is an intellectual exercise. How do we go from exercising the intellect to doing what needs to be done?

Open World Foundation™ is about individuals, human beings, understanding that we live and work in a community, not closed by the limits of a country’s borders, but by the limits of our imagination and desires.

Workshops and seminars, CaféTalks, book readings and other resources are offered through Open World Café partners in the cities and Open World Village partners away from the hustle and bustle. Open World Foundation™ partner venues include sites in Sweden, Germany, Spain, India, and Brazil.

Thank you for visiting us here. We look forward to your comments and feedback on how we can work together for healthy living on a healthy planet.


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